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Moscato d'Asti

Moscato d'Asti

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ABV: 7%

Moscato d'Asti - Elegance in Every Glass

Delicate, Sweet, and Refreshingly Light
Our Moscato d'Asti shines with its straw-yellow hue and greenish reflections, encapsulating the essence of elegance with its white and persistent foam. With an alcohol content of 7%, this sweet and fresh wine delights with a musky note characteristic of Moscato grapes, making it the perfect dessert companion.

Craftsmanship Meets Tradition: The Creation of Moscato d'Asti
Each bottle of our Moscato d'Asti starts its journey with meticulously harvested grapes, immediately soft-pressed to achieve a maximum yield of 75 liters from every 100 kilograms of grapes. The must is quickly cooled to 0°C and stored in cooling vats to preserve the grapes' inherent aromas and prevent any unwanted fermentations.

With careful timing based on market demand, we begin the production process by transferring the must into pressurized, temperature-controlled vats, heating it to 20°C. Fermentation is sparked with the addition of selected yeasts, subtly transforming sugar into alcohol. As the wine reaches an alcohol volume of 7%, fermentation is halted by cooling the wine to -3°C, achieving a flawless harmony of acidity, sugar, and alcohol levels. Microfiltration ensures the wine is sterilized and free from any residual yeast, leaving it pure, fresh, and ready for enjoyment.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Sweetness and Freshness
Our Moscato d'Asti is a celebration of flavor, boasting a pleasantly sweet, fresh, and intense taste, adorned with the distinctive note of musk, a signature of Moscato grapes. Presented in a straw yellow color with greenish reflections and adorned with white, persistent foam, it offers an enchanting visual and sensory experience. Ideally served chilled at 6-8°C in a cup glass, this Moscato d'Asti pairs beautifully with pastries and bakery products, enhancing the joy of desserts.

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