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Hand Painted Tree Bottle - Green Tree String of Lights

Hand Painted Tree Bottle - Green Tree String of Lights

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Celebrate this festive season with a unique touch from Purple Toad Winery! Introducing our exclusive collection of hand-painted Christmas Tree Bottles, each crafted to add a sparkle to your holiday celebrations. Available in three charming designs:

  1. Green Tree Candy Cane: A delightful blend of traditional Christmas greens and the whimsical charm of candy canes, perfect for adding a sweet touch to your holiday decor.
  2. Red Tree String of Lights: Bright and merry, this design features a radiant red Christmas tree adorned with a string of lights, illuminating your festive gatherings.
  3. Green Tree String of Lights: A classic green Christmas tree elegantly wrapped in a sparkling string of lights, bringing the season's magic to your home.

What makes these bottles special is our choice – fill them with any wine from our selection! 

Perfect as a gift for wine lovers, a stunning centerpiece for your holiday table, or a unique addition to your collection, these Hand Painted Christmas Tree Bottles are more than just wine; they're a piece of art.


  • Hand-Painted Designs: A Local artist meticulously hand-painted each bottle, ensuring every piece is unique.
  • Customizable Wine Selection: Choose your favorite Purple Toad wine to fill these festive bottles.
  • Limited Edition: Available exclusively for the holiday season.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for gifting, decoration, or as a memorable keepsake.

Bring home the joy and spirit of the holidays with our Hand-painted Christmas Tree Bottles, and let the merry times flow!

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