Can kids visit?

Of course, we are a family friendly business. We have non alcoholic Fruit Punch
slushies as well as soft drinks and candy for children.

Can we bring food?

You sure can! You can bring anything you like. The only thing you cannot bring is alcoholic beverages purchased elsewhere. (State Law)

Can we buy a bottle of wine here and drink it here?

You can! If you do not finish the bottle, all we have to do is reseal the bottle with a new cork and you are good to go! Open containers cannot leave the property.

have family that do not drink, is there something there for them?

We have cans of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Diet Mountain Dew. We also have bottled water, cheese and crackers, free pub mix, candy and pretzels.

One of my family members doesn’t like wine!

We have several of the popular light beers available for purchase.

How much are tastings and tours?

They are both free!

Can you ship wine to my house?

You can order right here on our website and have it shipped to your front door. There are a few states we cannot ship to. When filling out your address for the ship to, if you state does not show up we cannot ship there.

Can I reserve a time for a tasting?

Unfortunately we have a first come first serve policy. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are typically busy and tastings will require a wait Don’t worry though, we’ll get you in as soon as possible!

Who owns Purple Toad Winery?

Purple Toad Winery is owned by June and Allen Dossey. They founded and have run the winery since its opening in 2009.

Does your wine contain sulfites?

Yes, ours do. Nearly 100% of all wine sold in the world contains sulfites. Sulfites keep the wine safe to drink and preserve its flavor. Wine will not last more than three weeks in a bottle without sulfites. We put the minimally effective amount of sulfites in our wines. If you are sensitive to sulfites, please take caution when drinking wine in general. We typically have 75 ppm of sulfites in our wines.