Kentucky Commonwealth Commercial Wine Competition

Gold: Black Strawberry, Chocolate harbor, Chocolate Strawberry, Cranberry, Killer B's, Lauren's Blackberry, and Paducah Peach.

Silver: Allen's Blueberry, Angela's Black Cherry, Black & Bruised, Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon, Paducah Blue, Paducah Harbor, Paducah Plum, Peachberry, and Red Sangria.

Bronze: Berry Dry, Black Currant, Blue Cranberry, Cabernet Franc, June's Red Apple, Moscato, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Wines of the South Regional Wine Competition

Best of Dessert/Fruit: Black Currant, Best of Fruit: Black Peach, Best of Kentucky Fruit: Black Peach

Concordance Gold: Black Currant, Black Peach, and Peachberry

Gold: Lauren's Blackberry and Black Strawberry

Silver: Chocolate Strawberry, Paducah Harbor, and Black and Bruised

Bronze: Allen's Blueberry and Angela's Black Cherry


Kentucky Derby Wine Competition

Gold: Black Peach, Black & Bruised, Cab Franc, Sangria & Steven's Strawberry

Silver: Paducah Blue, & Moscato

Bronze: Paducah White, Grant's Pomegranate, Allen's Blueberry & Killer B's

Finger Lakes Wine Competition

One of the world's largest competitions with 3,708 entries, from 27 Countries and all 50 States.

Double Gold: Steven's Strawberry

Gold: Allen's Blueberry, & Black Currant

Silver: Black & Bruised, Black Peach, Cranberry, Lauren's Blackberry and Paducah Peach

Heartland Wine Competition

Competing with 162 entries from 5 States, Purple Toad Winery won 21 total medals and ``Best of Show-Fruit`` for Black Peach.

Gold: Lauren's Blackberry, Allen's Blueberry, Steven's Strawberry, Black Currant, Sangria, Black Peach & Gluhwein

Silver: Cab Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Black Shadow, Chardonnay, Paducah Peach, Grant's Pomegranate, Moscato & Paducah Blue

Bronze: Cab Sauv, Riesling, Black & Bruised, PeachBerry, and Paducah Harbor


Indy International Wine Competition

Purple Toad Winery Awarded ``2014 Fruit Wine of the Year`` at the Indy International Wine Competition for ``Lauren's Blackberry``. This is a major award for us as the Indy Competition is one of the largest competitions in the US with over 3,000 entries from across the world.


Wines of the South

Concordance Gold: Lauren's Blackberry

Gold: PeachBerry and Black Shadow

Silver: Paducah Blue, & Steven's Strawberry

Bronze: Paducah Harbor, Black & Blue, Paducah Peach, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, & Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines of the South People's Choice Awards

Gold: Lauren's Blackberry & Paducah Harbor

Kentucky Commissioner's Cup

Sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the Commissioner's Cup is the highest recognition awarded in the Commonwealth to the top Kentucky wine of the year in each of the following categories: Dry Red Wine, Dry White, Sweet/Dessert. Purple Toad Winery won 19 awards including the Commissioner's Cup Award for the Paducah Peach, Top KY Sweet/Desert Wine.

Double Gold: Paducah Peach

Gold: Sangria, Lauren's Blackberry, & Steven's Strawberry

Silver: Black Shadow, PeachBerry, Chardonnay, 2011 Cab Franc, 2011 Cab Sauvignon, Pomegranate, & Gluhwein

Bronze: Black & Blue, Paducah Blue, 2011 Merlot, Paducah Harbor, Moscato, 2011 Pinot Noir, Paducah White & Riesling

Indy International Wine Competition

Purple Toad Winery won 8 awards at the 2013 INDY International Wine Competition.

Double Gold and ``Best of Class``: Lauren's Blackberry

Gold: Black Shadow

Silver: Paducah Peach, Paducah Harbor, & 2011 Cab Franc

Bronze: Sangria, Black & Blue, & PeachBerry